Most of the products of BOMBAS BORJA are supplied to department stores.

In BOMBAS BORJA we know that our valves are found in works so characteristics such as these:

  • Terminal T4 Barajas Airport.
  • Supply system and network of fire Expo Zaragoza 2008.
  • Supply works at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.
  • New Campus of the University Tarongers Literaria of the City of Valencia.
  • Bétera treatment plant, Torrente, El Puig, Olot…
  • Supply Caracas (Venezuela).
  • Station Water treatment in Arévalo (Ávila).
  • Station water treatment group tertiary Alcoy. (Alicante).
  • Station Water Treatment Arroyo Miel (Malaga).
  • Supply network in the city of Lisbon.
  • Supply network and treatment of Paterna (Valencia).
  • Oceanografic of the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia.
  • Pantano de Alarcón in Cuenca.
  • Water treatment plant in Ocho Rios (Jamaica).
  • Water treatment plant in Baghdad.
  • Air conditioning system of the Torres Isozaki (Bilbao).
  • Network of fire of Vigo’s port.

And a host of works with water treatment plants, water supplies, fire networks, air conditioners and irrigation pipes in addition to those used in industrial valves for driving oil and other liquids or gases such as air or sand, mud and sludge.